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Lunch Menu

Mon. - Sat. 11:30 am to 3:00 pm

From Sushi Bar

Served with miso soup or salad

6 pcs sushi and California roll

12 pcs sashimi and rice.

4 pcs sushi, 8 pcs sashimi and California roll.

Broiled eel over rice with Japanese pickles.

Combination Maki Lunch

Served with miso soup or salad

Tuna RollPhiladelphia RollAvocado Roll
Salmon RollAlaska RollCucumber Roll
Yellowtail RollTuna Avocado RollOshinko Roll
California RollSweet Potato RollMango Roll
Boston RollAsparagus Roll

From Kitchen

Served with miso soup or salad and rice.

Chicken $12 / Jumbo Shrimp $13
Wok sauteed fresh mango and vegetables in mango sauce.

Chicken $12 / Shrimp $13 / Beef $13
Sauteed in Asian basil sauce with vegetables.

Chicken $12 / Shrimp $13
Famous Thai curry style with vegetables.

Served with miso soup, salad, California roll, shumai and rice.